With a combination of Southern sass and powerhouse vocals, Stacia is taking the Nashville music scene by storm. Born and raised in Valdosta, GA, Stacia honed her stage skills by performing at every fair, festival, and funeral this side of the Mason Dixon Line from the time she was four years old.

“There’s nothing like being on stage under the lights, microphone in hand, listening to the crowd cheer. Whether it’s 20 people or 20,000 people, the stage is where I’m most happy and the most comfortable. God gave me that. He instilled that in me and I love it.”

While working for a local producer in Valdosta as a demo singer/background vocalist/phone call maker/coffee grabber, Stacia began making plans to move to Atlanta to check out the music scene. This is where her love of songwriting began. The first solo song she wrote, I Believe, earned her a spot in the Top 32 for the CMT Unsigned Artist competition.

“I was incredibly excited when I Believe was aired on CMT. I felt ready. I felt like I could finally move to Nashville with something solid.” And she did! In 2010, Stacia made the move to Nashville. The first week she was named the Best Buy Artist to Watch on the Billy Block Unsigned Artists show on 103.3 Nash FM and after just two months of being in town, Karen Staley (writer of Keeper of the Stars and Let’s Go To Vegas), invited her to play her first show at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. But still Stacia felt as if she had a ways to go.

“I’ve always believed in myself and I’ve never let anything hold me back from making music but being severely overweight will stop people from listening to you long enough to really give you a shot. Plus, I love to move around on stage and that made it hard too.” So, in 2011 Stacia set out to kick the weight problem, losing 223 pounds in three years. “It’s made a huge difference, not just in the way I look but in the way I feel about myself. I know that I’m supposed to be making music and I didn’t want that road block to be the one thing that held me back. Am I still where I need to be? Maybe not but I’m still kicking butt and taking names. God has a plan and I’m following that.”

That same year Stacia signed with Halestorm Publishing founded by T.W. Hale (writer of Reba’s Why Haven’t I Heard From You and Joe Diffie’s A Night To Remember). Since then Stacia was handpicked to perform with Jennifer Nettles in New York City as a part of the ABC show Duet’s. In addition to Duet’s, Stacia also officially joined the Bluebird Cafe family, was invited to perform with Grammy Award winning producer Randy Khors (Jim Lauderdale) at The Station Inn, performed at Tin Pan South, was featured on WSM’s Opry Radio show Coffee, Country, and Cody, and opened for Joe Diffie on the road. Her song Rain Forever (Greg Friia/Pete Sallis/Watkins) was debuted on 99.5 Kicks Country to over 500,000 listeners in the South Georgia/North Florida area.

In March of last year Stacia released her debut EP, I Ain’t The Middle Of The Road, produced by T.W. Hale. The success of the EP brought Stacia the opportunity to do a promotional tour in the U.K. and Ireland and well as spawning a Top 20 single with A Good Place to Turn Around, penned by Jason Matthews, Jon Mabe, and Rebecca Lynn Howard.

“Stacia’s drive and determination are evident in every area of her life. Music, health, faith, driven in every way” – Jim Morgan, 92.9 WAAC